Saturday, 13 May 2017

My Trip To Ardverikie Estate

Hello All, I hope your all well? So today I thought I'd write about my trip to The Ardverikie Estate, On  May 24, 2015 My dream came true and I got to go (FINALLY) I had always wanted to go and visit this beautiful place after watching Monarch Of The Glen (A Scottish/British drama about A London restaurateur inherits a run-down Scottish estate and it follows his journey getting the estate back on track) I loved the show very much and hoped that one day I could go there! My sister In law heard I wanted to go so after 3 years of nearly getting to go and hoping that I would someday she and my nephew made my dream a reality! It was the best feeling knowing I was finally going to this amazing place! They hold a Garden open day every year (usually in may/ June with called Aberarder Lodge) Once we got there it was crazy! I couldn't believe I was finally there, We walked around and looked at all the flowers/ plants and even had a sneaky look inside through the windows, We took lot's of great pictures too, If you haven't yet gone I highly recommend it! If you ever come to Scotland and like me LOVED the show defiantly make sure you have a look if your in Scotland in (May/June) They have a website so you can have a look on there to see when a Garden open day is happening (This year it's happening on May 28th

Here are some photo's from my little trip: 

Me Stand In Front Of Ardverikie Estate.


A Water Fountain In The Ardverikie Grounds.



Me sitting on a Garden Chair outside The Ardverikie Estate.


The Gate Lodge at The Entrance. 

The Ardverikie Estate. 

The View Looking Out To Loch Laggan

 I hope you enjoyed this Blog post, If you want to watch my vlog of the day you can here:

                                                      See You Next Saturday! 😊


  1. BEAUTIFUL. I want to go! I especially loved the picture of the Gate Lodge at the Entrance, it just drew me in and made me want to adventure to this place! what a delightful little escape. -abigail,

    1. Thank you!! You should when you get the chance I'm sure you'd love it!!

  2. Looks like such a gorgeous place! Love seeing all your pictures.

    Holly -