Saturday, 20 October 2018

Long Time No see!

Hello, it's been a while hasn't it? about a year... eek! Firstly I have to say i'm sorry for abandoning my blog. The reason? well my laptop broke first of all then my anxiety has been super bad this year so I've tended not to be very productive when it was bad. I kinda let my vlogs slip too but i'm back (for now!) and ready to start posting again but i'll warn you if I go away aliens haven't abducted me it's just my anxiety being a pain in the a** 

So what have I been up to you might be asking yourself, Well I've been filming  vlogs haha but seriously i've been working on my low self esteem and confidence and so far so good I feel I've changed quite a bit this year and for the better, I turned 25 In June so that gave me lots of food for thought and I've decided to enjoy my life more and to stop STRESSING! I'm a terrible worrier so I need to stop doing that and actually enjoy this life haha and also been looking after my nephew and seeing friends quite a bit this year so it's been lovely, also back in may i split with my boyfriend which to be honest was a long time coming and I'm so much more happier for it now.

I'm sure you're wanting some pictures so I'll include some here:

In the above picture is when i started going on crazy walks this year and I'm talking about 2 hours at a time kinda walks, I got a fitbit In July (I think!) so I went a bit crazy trying to beat my 10k record everyday. One day i ended up walking for nearly 5 hours!! 

Then I went cycling quite a lot in the better sunnier months especially as we had a fantastic summer! but my anxiety did get bad and sadly was one of the things I gave up but hoping to get back into it soon! 

I had my FIRST ever KFC! I know crazy right?! but I LOVED it! I've actually been to a few fast food places I've never had before this year thanks to my friend Sam for breaking me in.. haha

I also got into photography this year even though I've always been intrigued by it but this year I kinda went nuts and really got into it taking pictures and playing around with different shots I could get of one thing etc  

                                          Just a random one of me... Just because πŸ˜‰

                                  Another photography shot I took, As I love autumn!  

Daisy made a new friend on our walk a few weeks ago, It was too cute not include this picture

And lastly I flew the drone a good few times this year. I even had my first proper crash which has made the drone a bit Crazy since haha it'll go into ATTI or OPti mode at the most random times, A few months ago I struggled to get it back but managed before it landed in a garden (Boy was that scary!) 

So yeah, That's been my year so far not much has happened. Next week I am however going to Aberdeen for the second time. The first time wasn't so fun mum was Ill and had to go and get a very important scan so this time will be better I'm sure! But until then I'm gonna go. I'll see you all soon with a update. Byee!!  

                                                              Thanks for readingπŸ˜€

Saturday, 23 December 2017

Stunning Sunsets And The Cutest Puppy!

Hello, This week I've been getting organised for Christmas. I've almost got all the present's wrapped! (Phew!) This last week has been good, On Tuesday my sister in law came out with her sons Girlfriend and her adorable puppy Jack! He's a Jack Russell Terrier and literally the cutest dog ever!!  I was a bit worried about Ruby meeting him but with her muzzle on I knew it be okay! There was still apart of me that was worried but they all got on well in fact so well we all went for a nice little walk which i'm sure the dogs all enjoyed! Earlier that day I had decided to take the Christmas pictures of me and the dogs for my Facebook page's and Also some of Jack So here's a little look at them..

Jack (Left) Ruby (Centre) Daisy (Right)

Daisy Posing with her Yappy Christmas bandanna

Ruby Pulling The Perfect Pose!

Daisy and Ruby looking Adorable..!

On Wednesday though to Friday I've just been wrapping gifts and catching up on some housework and going on lots of walks, On Thursday I went a spur of moment long walk! Was only meant to be out 20 minutes instead was out a hour and half! haha So here's some pictures from that walk..

A Nice Little Stream (Want to Fly The Drone Here One Day!)

My Favourite View!

Fog On The Hills

Adorable Sheep!

The Moon Was Stunning!
A Quick Little Selfie..

Then this Blog post takes me to Friday (Yesterday) I had a lovely walk with the dogs the Sunset was STUNNING!! Though it was freezing cold but the sunset made up for it! I 'm pretty sure I took way to many pictures of it but I'll spare you and share one or two... 😏

I loved This cloud and How The sunset was setting on It 


Ruby (And Her Wonky Lead!)

Daisy Being A Cutie!

So, This Was My Week! I hope You Enjoyed! I'll See You Next Week With A Christmas Blog Post!

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See You Next Week! πŸ˜€

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Such A Fun Week!!

Hello, I hope you're well? I've had a very good week, It was great to catch up with my friends. We went to Beefeater, We had a lovely xmas lunch and lots of laughs! Jen even did some vlogging, It was really great to see her vlog, She loves art so she made sure the footage was very arty and creative and I love that! I look forward to editing it! (By the Time this is up, It'll be live) After lunch I had to help my friend Sam with her MP4 she had recently bought to listen to music so I had to download some songs for her on my laptop and transport it over, The MP4 then decided to malfunction when she tried to listen to then.. we think she got ripped off that or I screwed it up haha, We also met up with a old friend of ours which was nice to see him as we haven't seen him since our Clay Class days (That's how we all met) so was nice to catch up with him.

Here are some Pictures that was Taken:

Today (Sunday) I met up with my Boyfriend and we went for lunch! We had a really great time, It was very Icy however and he had a few near falls I however ended up falling on my butt as we set off (Classy!) Thankfully didn't hurt myself but tomorrow i'll likely hurt haha We've had snow here for a over a week now it's all ice but the snow plows/ gritters haven't been seen which is very annoying ad worrying for the older people as they have to walk on this! Not right at all! Hopefully it all melts soon before people really hurt themselves. Anyway here some pictures from today.

So to round this week up, I've had a great week, Now to get ready for xmas! haha Thanks for reading! I'll see you all next week 😊

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Saturday, 2 December 2017

Fantastic Weekend!

Heelloo! How are you?


I had a great weekend last week, My boyfriend was up (He lives quite far from me, 3 hours) My nephew was also at mine for the weekend which made me excited as I hadn't had a day let alone two with Logan (My nephew) and Brandon (My boyfriend) So it was really good they got on like a house on fire! My nephew even challenged him a bit lol We started the weekend off with a Chinese, That was lovely and we had some maths questions thrown in at dinner (My nephew's idea) haha he can be very challenging (In a Good way!) he loves learning and knowledge!  My brother's the same. I am not! However I do love learning about Historic things I can spent hours reading things in history... So after dinner somehow I dunno how Logan and Brandon ended up playing this game that me and Logan started to play last year, Basically One stands at the top of the stairs while the other is at the bottom and you throw a half full bottle of water/juice at the other person. The game got very rough and tough and both tried to out do the other, With a few doors, windows and plants being hit along the way. Logan decided that a small bottle wasn't good enough if he was gonna win this bottle war against Brandon so he goes and gets one of those big family size bottles half fills it up and launches it at Brandon! They used that for a little while but both admitted defeat and the small bottle was back! After a hour or so of that Logan decided to show Brandon his Pokemon Go cards I gave him as a little treat, They had a good game of that! I however didn't have the foggiest what was going on! I just watched and pretended I knew what was happening.


On Sunday Logan Brandon and I went on a nice little walk to my mums fave place. It was lovely though very Icy Brandon and I had fun walking over it, I decided if he fell I'd let go! πŸ˜…  wasn't gonna go down too lol (I'd never get back up!) I took my drone with me that I had got earlier this year but haven't flown it as things kept going wrong with the app etc I however tried and failed again but later on Sunday night I manged to finally get it fixed and on Thursday flew it for the first time, Yippee. Anyway back to Sunday! So we had a lovely walk, Logan was a bit grumpy as it was so cold haha but was fun, Here are some Pictures..

Then later on Once Logan and I had warmed up with a Hot Chocolate, We watched a film neither of us had seen before, Big Boss Baby is the film we decided to watch and we both loved it! Very funny and entertaining For both Kids and Adults. While we watched the film Ruby decided to copy Logan and decided to be as cute as she could to get his attention, This included the "Look I can be human too" Pose and the "I'm tired let's sleep like humans do" pose, She adores Logan and is really sad when he leaves, Here's some cute pics of Ruby mischievous antics..

Flowers Brandon got me!

I hope you enjoyed this weeks Blog Post! Thank's for reading and I'll see you all next week 😁

Saturday, 18 November 2017

Where Have I Been?

Hello... YES! I'm back!! I hope you're good? It's Been a while hasn't It? I haven't written up a blog post In ages as my sleep has been so bad! Those that suffer from Insomnia will understand 100% So It's messed up a few things recently! My blog writing being just one of many! Now I'm back (Hopefully!) I'm gonna write a few blog posts, Just to make sure while I feel the motivation. I'm writing!! haha. So what's new with me? Not much really, But I will update you anyways..


I had Logan over and we had a great couple of Days, He loved playing and jumping Into the Hay bails, There was also some straw from the bails in the field and he kept running and jumping into the pile! You Wont be Surprised to read his wee face was all red afterwards haha

 We also found a hairy caterpillar, Logan was so happy as you don't see them in the city (So he says!) So he was proper excited and wanted me to take these pictures. He sure made a new friend that day!

We also had lovely weather! I was In a T-Shirt (Which never happens, They don't suit me) It was super hot! We had the best sunset that night! It was a good day!


October was a very eventful month! The First few Pictures were Taken in Inverness, I was in town seeing friends and was really into taking pictures (Don't ask!) So I ended up taking some good shots haha I also had Logan for a few days as his mum and dad went on a wee holiday so was great to spent more time with him.

Inverness Castle

Inverness cathedral
 Logan and I went inside this beautiful Cathedral, It was really nice inside and was good to kill sometime, We had been in town doing some shopping and we had ages till our bus was due.

The River Ness, Near The Castle and Ness Islands

Part Of The Castle.

Inverness Castle

 We went on a nice little walk, I think Logan and the dogs enjoyed it!

The next day we went to a woods near me that I had been really wanting to go and explore In, So off we went and It was Stunning there!

 Logan insisted as it was near halloween and Daisy's costume came in the post that she wear it on our walk! haha so I decided to save the poor dog some embarrassment and I joined her and wore my new pumpkin hoodie! Logan and Ruby were the only normal looking ones on that walk!! We got some nice comment's from people though!

 Then Daisy got sick! Which wasn't great so I had to take her to the vets! She had issues with her eyes, They were very cloudy and watery, She was also limping very badly, the eyes are apparently because she's allergic to the outdoors! Great thing to have if your a dog and love your walks haha. The limping wasn't so great news! She basically has early stages of Arthritis and in the future will need surgery on both her back legs to correct it, As her knee joints aren't connect to her leg bones, Ruby has the same thing but only in one leg and will need surgery too.

 I started up cycling again! I was really impressed with myself! I conquered a few fears, I cycled on a busy main road and to my surprise most drivers gave me lots of space and took there time passing me, There where however a few maniacs that couldn't care less! I cycled to the next town from me which I was so proud off which is a good 20 minutes from me, It's about 4.0 Miles so was a great cycle! Lot's of Hills though! πŸ˜’

It was also Daisy's birthday, She got a new toy and Logan was up and so we had a wee birthday party for her and got her toys, She was a very happy doggy!

 I took this shot of the moon when I was out with the dogs on Halloween, Isn't it beautiful?

The Dogs were all set for Halloween! We had a good Halloween, The first time I ever celebrated it! My mum wasn't keen on the day as her father, My grandfather died on Halloween, So as you can imagine wasn't a great day for her. But this year I decided to get some sweets for the kids, I left a bucket of sweets out for the kids and I had decorated the Garden, I had a plastic LED candle stolen, Which amused me very much when there was a entire bucket of Sweet and a LED Pumpkin but the kid wanted the candle haha That was the highlight I think of my Halloween. I think the sweets were good as they were all gone! So not bad for my first time handing out sweets!

I dunno if you'll be able to see. One of my many night's of still being awake at 7am, I caught Venus on camera!! You can slightly make it out!

So that's what's new with me. I hope you enjoyed This Blog post? I will go and now get writing a few more so You have more to read in the weeks ahead! Sorry again for the lack of posts. I'll see you all next Saturday! 😊