Saturday, 26 August 2017

Baking For First Time!!

Hello, How are you? Well this week has been an adventure! I baked for the first time! That's right I baked!! and most importantly my house is still standing! 😆 It turned out good I thought Two were slightly burned but not bad, However I did struggle with the icing which surprised me I really thought I had that in the bag! It turns out it took me 4 attempts but even then it still wasn't great but i'll work on it! I LOVED it though it was a little stressful at the Icing stage it was fun.

Earlier this week America had a Solar Eclipse. In the UK we didn't have a solar Eclipse but we did have a partial Eclipse, It was still pretty cool even though it was very cloudy here but just as it happened the clouds started to move and we were treated to a very big orange sun it was pretty awesome!! 😎 I watched a live stream of the Eclipse in America and my dog Ruby enjoyed watching it too!

Today I baked some cookies. See now I've started I can't stop haha but they taste amazing and my nephew approves! You know they are good when a kid wants more! and yes in the second picture I may have pinched one.. I was making sure they were ready.. Honest! 😏

That's all for this week's Blog Post I hope you enjoyed it. I'll see you all next week with a house update got so much to tell you all 😁

                                                                    See You Saturday!

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