Saturday, 8 July 2017

A Great Few Day's With My Nephew!

Hello All, I hope you're all well? Last Sunday My nephew was at mine for a few days. We ended up having a great time and In today's Blog Post I thought I'd write about it and show you all some pictures.


We took my two dogs (Jack Russell's) a walk It was a stunning evening and My nephew Logan got very excited when he saw some fields In fact he got so excited he wanted to run through one and he got SOAKED! When a City Boy comes to the Country it's quite fun apparently, He even caught a butterfly and he was so happy! It's the simple things in Life.
You can watch the vlog here:


On Monday Night, The cutest thing happened! He took my dog Ruby with him to bed (He always takes one up with him) When I went to check on him he was reading Ruby a bedtime story! It was the cutest thing I've ever seen, He was asking Ruby questions about the book which Character she liked etc and she would touch the page of her chosen fave character much to my nephew's delight. You can watch this cute moment here:
Earlier that day I had managed to fix up my bike which my nephew loved! He was showing me all these stunts he could do on my bike, We ended up taking it with us on our walk with Daisy, I set up the GoPro Hero 4 on it and got some cool shots. Daisy loved him having the bike she kept chasing him! She would not leave his side she loves him so much it's unreal!


 On Tuesday we had a bit of a lazy day but later in the afternoon we took Ruby out, Also the bike with the GoPro which again got some great shots of Logan going through some crazy puddles and up some dirt piles, You can watch that one here:
 It was a great day out! and I think Ruby had a great time too running along side the bike and running away as fast as she could before he reached each puddle (She hates water!) Each time he soaked her she ran over to me and rubbed the mud on me! (Thanks!) Soon it was time for Logan to go home but this coming Sunday we'll be doing it all over again 😊

 I Hope You enjoyed This Little Blog This week, I like writing about thing's I've been up too, If you'd like me to write more of this kinda thing let me know in the comments Until next Saturday, Have a great week and I'll see you all soon. 😃

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